Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Work for 11th Grade English Class

In addition to the work "For All Students,":

--Complete GWBs pg. 91-93.

We are beginning our unit on The Crucible, a play set in the Puritan era and based on the historic Salem Witch Trials, so you'll need to complete background work for the unit.

--Read Puritan background, either in your Literature books from pg. 134-148, OR online on this website: http://academicamerican.com/colonial/topics/puritannewengland.html
Please write a summary of your reading.

--Complete the Computer Lab Activity on Salem Witch Trials (to be e-mailed).

--Define Literary elements (10): theme, irony, paradox, allegory, setting, protagonist, voice, monologue, dialogue, soliloquy. http://www.cummingsstudyguides.net/xLitTerms.html

--Identify vocabulary definitions and parts of speech from The Crucible (15), also on the SAT: Abyss, Begrudge, Calamity, Corroborating, Deference, Ecstatic, Innate, Pallor, Parochial, Partisan, Propriety, Prodigious, Prudent, Vindictive, Wily

--Read article I gave you on Thursday (Jonathan Edwards' sermon, "From Images or Shadows of Divine Things"). He wrote during the time period. You should write a summary of 3-4 paragraphs, identify the main points, and explain your reaction (whether you agree or disagree with the main points and why).

--Read the Anne Bradstreet poetry here: http://academicamerican.com/colonial/docs/AnnBPoems.htm

AND the Margaret Atwood poem, "Half-Hanged Mary," here:

Anne Bradstreet was another writer from the Puritan era. Margaret Atwood wrote more recently, but she wrote ABOUT a real woman in the Puritan era who was convicted of witchcraft, hung, and survived.

Choose ONE poem and write a response of several paragraphs. Explain how the poem adds to your knowledge of the time period, and how you personally reacted to the information and/or emotion expressed in the poem. Be specific!

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